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alice [userpic]
by alice (noblealice)
at May 13th, 2006 (11:17 am)

The Charlie&Claire ‘What If’ Ficathon
Everyone has a ‘what if’


Any author who has written a piece of fiction* for the Lost fandom is welcome to participate. Authors are to submit an already written piece of fiction for the challenge and in return will receive three (3) what if scenarios related directly to the submitted fic. From those three options it is up to the author to chose one and write or rewrite the fic to incorporate their chosen what if scenario.
*Completed series fics can also be submitted.

The main ship MUST have been/will be Charlie and Claire from abc's Lost. For example, your original fic could pair Charlie and Claire together, but your What If fic pairs Claire with Jack OR your original fic had Charlie with Kate but your What If has Charlie proposing to Claire.
Note: They do not have to end up together happily, they could self-destructively pine for one another or get in a heated argument. Whether fluffy or angsty, the central relationship must be Charlie and Claire.

ETA: WIPs can be submitted upon approval. So please email me if you have a WIP you feel strongly for and want to include in the challenge and I will get back to ASAP to tell you if it can be submitted or not. But I strongly suggest that you submit completed fics or one shots because they will be easier for me to work with and create scenarios.


Monday, May 15th – Challenge and Guidelines Posted; Sign Up Opens.
Tuesday, June 6th - Final Day to Sign Up for Challenge
Wednesday, June 7th - Tuesday, 13th - What If Scenarios Given Out for Submitted Fics
Friday, June 30th – Final Date for Submission

To Sign Up:

Leave a comment with the title of your piece, an active link where the piece can be found, and your email address(if not displayed in your userinfo). Once you have submitted your fic you will receive your what if scenarios via email. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you will receive your what if scenarios.

To Submit Your Final Piece:

Post your completed fic to cc_what_if as follows:

Subject Title: Title. Rating. (Characters/Pairing)

Original Fic
(Please provide both the title and the link)
What If
Author’s Notes (optional)

Most Importantly, Have Fun!
Questions or Concerns? Contact me at kitten_268@hotmail.com



Posted by: alice (noblealice)
Posted at: June 3rd, 2006 04:06 am (UTC)
charlie claire what if? fanfiction chall

Yes, you're right, fanfic in general is a giant 'what if' story. This is sort of a twist on a twist. The fanfics submitted do NOT have to be AU's or widely different from canon. They could be a regular day in the life of Charlie and Claire playing or nursing or whatever.

Then I supply hypothetical 'what if's' to the completed fanfics. These could change the tone, plot or narration of the fic. For example, a happy fic of Charlie showing off his latest catch of fish to Aaron, could be prompted to turn into an action/horror fic were Charlie is swept underwater and drowns.

Or an angsty first-person POV fic of Claire contemplating Charlie's devotion could turn into a 3rd person POV fic of a study of human's interpretations of objects and faith on the island.

Or perhaps Hurley stars in your orignal fic, but is dead/missing in your 'what if' remix, replaced by Shannon/Sayid/Eko - how does that change the story? Will the message differ? Will it cause Charlie/Claire to act differently than they had before?

These 'what if' scenarios are specific to the world the submitted fic has created and apply only to that new universe. The whole point is to push boundaries and try new ideas and writing styles.

(Although, if you have an AU story or 'what if C/C weren't on the plane' fic, feel free to submit it! All topics are welcome! :) )

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